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Consistent, high quality towing
services across the Nation

Our regional presence provides consistent, high quality towing services to customers within our operating regions. We continue to broaden our network by actively adding high quality towing, recovery, and storage services across the country.

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UR Vehicle Management Solutions Serving Over 20% of the top 50 municipalities.

GoodBuy Auto Auction Selling over 60,000 vehicles nationwide.


Municipal Solutions

UR Vehicle Management SolutionsIs your municipal towing program or impound facility a drag on tax payer dollars? We have a proven track record, with multiple case studies evidencing our abilities, of transforming municipal programs into profit centers while increasing service levels.

Building on over 100 years' experience serving various major municipalities across the country, we have created a customized service offering specifically for municipalities via UR Vehicle Management Solutions. UR Vehicle Management Solutions (UR VMS) promises partnerships with municipalities based upon service which exceeds expectations, absolute transparency, and improved fiscal results for municipalities. UR VMS possesses the most innovative and transparent solutions for municipal towing as well as towing and impound management with the promise of service control. 

During these difficult economic times, we are excited about the launch of UR VMS. United Road Towing and now UR VMS have proven track records not only privatizing municipal programs but also turning these programs into significant profit centers for tax payers.

Our solutions include the following:

  • Dispatch Command Centers
  • Towing solutions
  • Impound/Vehicle Storage Solutions
  • Abandoned Vehicle Solutions
  • Motorist Assistance/Incident Management Solutions
  • Disaster Management and Response

Municipalities interested in more information about UR Vehicle Management Solutions check us out at:


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Private Property Trespass Solutions

Abandoned vehicles in front of your building? Are unauthorized vehicles parked in your spaces? These nuisances can affect your business or the safety of your residents. We specialize in creating a variety of custom programs utilizing a variety of technologies to meet or exceed your needs. However, unlike our competitors, we utilize a variety of innovative technologies processes to put you in control.

  • 24x7, 365 days a year service
  • property assessment website with digital photos
  • Customized programs (stickers, signage, website, etc.) to meet your needs
  • promise of security as our secure facilities help us possess an industry leading property damage rate

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Commercial Services

Dispatching and conducting over 500,000 tows annually, we can handle any tow of any size. Equipped with approximately 500 power units and industry leading towing professionals, our training and experience in incident management ensures your asset arrives safely and damage free. With the use of advanced towing dispatch software, integrated GPS technology and mobile data terminals, we can provide you with quick, accurate, and reliable ETAs. Additionally, our service goes beyond the towing. With over a century of experience in towing, we understand the needs of our customers go beyond the actual tow. This why we possess a team of highly certified IT professionals and licensed CPAs to ensure we exceed your logical and billing needs.


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Disaster Response

United Road Towing has created and implemented a Disaster Response Team to respond at a moments notice to lend support in the event of a crisis. From flooding to hurricanes to earthquakes, United Road Towing Disaster Response has the capability to assist with any natural disaster throughout the United States.


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Vehicle Sales

GoodBuy Auto AuctionLooking for a good buy? 
Check out Selling over 60,000 vehicles annually, you’re sure to find a deal way below blue book. With multiple auctions weekly, your options are plentiful. Be sure to take advantage of our convenient online bidding. With online bidding, you can bid on your car anywhere in the world. We’ll also help you arrange transportation to your end destination. Find your car now at


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Road Services

We understand you need your asset back on the road as soon as possible. This we why we have fully stocked service vehicles manned by highly trained and certified technicians 24/7 to perform the majority of our onsite service. Whether it’s brake lines, hydraulic lines, electrical issues or welding, we’ll get your asset fixed while on the road. Additionally, we offer commercial towing, roadside assistance, and repair of passenger vehicles to individuals and national motor clubs.


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Freeway Service Patrol

MassDOT can help you with emergency roadside assistance when you need it the most. Sponsored by MAPFRE, our team of 45 vehicles patrol the state’s high traffic roadways to provide assistance. You'll see them throughout the state as they patrol their 34 routes to assist with everything from road debris to disabled vehicles. From flat tires to running out of gas, our roadside assistance will help you free of charge.

For more than 15 years, NDOT has provided the Freeway Service Patrol in Las Vegas and Reno to enhance freeway safety and help quickly clear incident scenes, with an average clearance time as short as ten minutes...Each Freeway Service Patrol operator is a certified automotive technician and receives emergency vehicle operator, fire protection, CPR, hazardous materials, traffic flagging, and First Aid certifications. The service is provided through contractor United Road Towing, a professional road services provider...


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Manage Vehicle Storage Facility

The URVMS Vehicle Storage Facility (VSF) is operating for the City of El Paso and is tasked with responsibility for the impoundment and release of vehicles that have been wrecked, abandoned, or recovered, and also for vehicles belonging to prisoners as well as other vehicles involved in various police investigations.

URVMS Nashville is the municipal vehicle storage facility for impounded, towed and the release of vehicles. Auto auctions are held every month for seized, unclaimed and surplus city vehicles in Nashville.


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Fleet Services

Considering outsourcing your fleet maintenance program?  Our highly trained and certified mechanics will ensure the care of your fleet with cost efficiencies to you.  With the use of our fleet software system, we can track, report, and care to the needs of your fleet. Our inventory management program can also save you money.


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